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Are students given homework assignments?

book_05Usually homework assignments are completed in class, but of course it would be best if students are willing to accept more practice assignments to take home. Teachers will help those students who are lagging behind in terms of grades and give them more practice materials because the more you do the more you learn.

Are students required to memorize materials?

book_04Teachers do not require students to memorize articles. However students will be taught to be comfortable with using elegant, useful, and meaningful phrases, passages, or terms. This way, when students are writing essays or articles, they will have more control and find what they’ve learnt useful.

What is unique about the teaching methods of Han Language Centre?

Han Language Centre focuses on teaching students the methods of essay writing and the techniques to answering exam questions. For example, we teach students how to understand the question, then choose and utilize suitable phrases and sentences to incorporate into their essays. Additional idioms and well-known sayings are also taught to expand and brighten students’ vocabulary.

Are writing samples provided in the essay writing course?

book_02Writing samples are not provided in each class, but rather depends on the class situation. Sometimes, if the teacher or Centre finds suitable examples, then they will be distributed to students. However the Centre does not encourage students to rely too heavily on writing samples because the objective is not for students to memorize materials but for students to be creative and original.

Is it too late to start classes now?

Better to be here late than to never be here at all.