Why choose Han Language Centre?


Our History

  • Since 1993
  • Grown from a humble beginning to a well-established brand name in the Chinese education and tuition industry, earning the trust of parents and students

Our Materials

  • Strong emphasis on our teaching materials
  • Yearly revision of teaching materials to stay closely aligned to Ministry of Education’s (MOE) latest syllables
  • Professionally drawn pictures for Oral and Composition materials
  • Latest Videos for both Primary and Secondary Schools’ Oral

Our Principal,  Mr. Ann Jong Juan (Han Laoda)

  • Over 45 years of teaching experience in the Chinese language
  • Former specialist writer for Chinese language teaching materials with the Curriculum Planning and Development Division, MOE.
  • Awarded the Cultural Medallion in 1990
  • Speaker for both PSLE and O Level Chinese Examinations Preparation Public Lecture since the Centre’s establishment


  • 1993年成立
  • 20多年来在华语教学和补习领域赢得了家长和学生的信任


  • 每年进行修订
  • 全面跟进教育部最新的华文教学改革和小六、“O”水准会考模式
  • 专人绘图的口试和作文教材
  • 最新小学和中学视频口试教材

我们的校长 韩永元(韩劳达)

  • 拥有多过45年教学、编写教材、拟题和撰稿经验
  • 前教育部课程发展署华文教材专科作者
  • 曾在1990年荣获国家文化奖
  • 自汉语文中学开办至今,他受邀于联合早报,主讲小六及“O”水准会考备考公开讲座,成了早报讲座的品牌