Short-Term Courses

To better meet the needs of our students, Han Language Centre will be offering various short-term tutorial courses during the school holidays to help students improve their knowledge and language skills.

  • Primary 1 preparation course
  • Hanyu Pinying Course (For Pri.1 and Pri.2)
  • Composition and Comprehension Course (Pri.2 to Pri.6)
  • Oral Exam Technique Course (Pri.2 to Pri.6)
  • Quick Help in Composition Course (Pri.3 to Pri.6)

These short-term courses are flexible and can commence when sufficient students have enrolled; the goal of the short-term courses are to enhance particular language skills and thus we welcome parents to contact us directly if a specific need is perceived.



  • 小一预备班(小一)
  • 汉语拼音课程(小一,小二)
  • 写作与理解课程 (小二到小六)
  • 口试课程(小二到小六)
  • 作文救生圈(小三到小六)