Our Centre


Our History

  • Since 1993
  • 22 centres island-wide
  • Grown from a humble beginning to a well-established brand name in the Chinese education and tuition industry, earning the trust of parents and students

Our Vision

  • To first arouse the students’ interest in Chinese, so as to appreciate the Chinese Language and enjoy the Chinese tuition session
  • Aims to develop our students with skills and agility in oral and written prowess, using a combination of comprehensive study materials and extremely well-qualified academic staff that adopts precise and stimulating methods


  • 成立于1993年
  • 全岛22间分校
  • 新加坡最具规模的华文私人办学机构之一
  • 由新加坡资深教育工作者,国家文化奖得主韩永元(韩劳达)先生创办


  • 通过精心设计的阅读资料和教学方法引起学生们的兴趣,让他们欣赏华文和享受华文补习课程
  • 通过独特自创的教材和专业老师的指导,致力于发展学生们的口语和书写能力