Our Students

Let us introduce some of our outstanding students:

1. Deputy Senior State Counsel, Mr Lee Zu Zhao

“The teachers there not only taught us how to score well for Chinese in school, but also something more important and far-sighted: We learnt how to understand and appreciate the Chinese language and culture… Now, as a deputy prosecutor, sometimes I have to use Chinese to communicate with the witnesses and also officials from China. And a major part of my ability to communicate with them came from the solid foundation that was built when I was at the Han Language Centre…”

2.Professor, Leonard Ang

“Straight away, the difference in his teaching style compared to my previous Chinese tuition teachers was evident. Through his teaching, it changed my view of learning Chinese. No longer did I find it a chore……He made learning Mandarin so much more interesting and enjoyable. And I found myself voluntarily reading more and being more eager to learn and master the language. Chinese was initially my weakest subject, but through his teaching, it became my strong subject…”

3.Shin Min Daily News Reporter, Ms Tan Ying Hong

“The teachers at Han Language Centre not only taught me about Chinese language, but also how to think critically, and opened a little window for me to peek into the world of Chinese Literature. I’ve gradually fell in love with the Chinese culture. I took up the Chinese Language Elective Programme in Junior College and went to National Taiwan University to study Chinese Language. These all have to do with the seed that Han Language Centre has planted in my heart. It can be said that the teachers there played an important role in my life…”

4.Student, Ye Ying

Ye Ying was initially uninterested in Chinese. Other than barely obtaining a pass in her Chinese oral, her language and composition abilities were weak. However, with the dedication of the teachers at Han and the encouragement of her mother, she started to stop resisting Chinese and revise Chinese more diligently. Her composition skills have also improved. She showed a great improvement in her Mid-Year Examinations and received the ‘Good Progress Award for Chinese Language’.

5.Student, Lee Kai Ling

When Kai Ling was in Primary 5, she joined Han Language Centre and improved from a grade D to A. In Primary 6, she joined the Enrichment Course, Compo and Compre Course, and a short-term Oral Course. After she went on to Secondary School, she continued to stay at Han. Her results have improved from A2 in Secondary 1 to A1 in Secondary 2.