Our Principal

  • Born in Singapore, Received a Master Degree on Linguistics and Applied Linguistics from Xiamen University, China on 03 July 2010
  • Founded Han Language Centre in 1993
  • Former specialist writer for Chinese language teaching materials with the Curriculum Planning and Development Division, MOE
  • Over 45 years of teaching experience in the Chinese language
  • Speaker for PSLE and O Level Chinese Examinations Preparation Public Lectures since 1993
  • Author and copy-writer of “Full Marks in Class” of “Thumbs Up” and “Comma”, Lianhe Zaobao
  • Guest Speaker at Singapore Centre for Chinese Language
  • Playwright, Crosstalk Writer,Awarded the Cultural Medallion (Theatre) in 1990

  • 新加坡土生土长,中国厦门大学文学硕士学位(语言学与应用语言学专业)
  • 1993年创办汉语文中心,现任校长
  • 前教育部、课程发展署华文教材专科作者
  • 45年教学、编写教材经验
  • 自1993年起,每年为《大拇指》和《逗号》主持大型讲座
  • 为《逗号》和《大拇指》组稿、撰稿
  • 新加坡华文教研中心客座讲师
  • 剧作家、相声作家,1990年国家文化奖得主

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