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Comprehensive Materials

Han Language Centre’s emphasis on the development of useful teaching materials, combined with our continuous upgrading of both software and hardware facilities allows us to provide students with a fun and rich learning experience.

Under the direct supervision of Mr. Han himself, the Centre’s publishing and editorial department named “Han C&E” is responsible for overseeing the creation of Han Language Centre’s curriculum and materials. The department has also helped local publishing houses and the Chinese Development Assistant Council create supplementary practice materials and textbooks for Primary and Secondary school students.


  • Our own systematic curriculum with primary and secondary school materials supplementing Ministry of Education (MOE) requirements such as cultural passages, idioms, proverbs, famous sayings, poems, and famous names
  • Teaching materials are revised annually or even re-written if significant changes in MOE requirements have been made, so that Han’s students will always receive materials most relevant to the MOE curriculum


  • Produce fun and unique teaching aids for teachers to increase students’ interest in learning
  • Hire professional illustrators to create pre-school learning materials that are attractive and memorable so that students can stay focused while fully absorbing the course content


  • Taken the past 3 years to fully train our teachers in computer applications to enhance and improve our writing team
  • Fully computerized editing and layout programs, so that we can be more flexible when certain MOE related materials needs revision
  • Use multimedia teaching tools to increase student’s positive response to course content (including complementary music, listening comprehension recordings, cultural videos, and news broadcasts)



在韩校长的指导下,汉语文中心的出版和编辑部门“Han C&E”负责汉语文中心的各类教材设计和印刷。此部门也帮助本地出版社和华社自助会提供补习教材和课程。


  • 紧密配合现行教材的进度,增加许多兼具文化深度和语文技能的教材,如惯用语,谚语,外来语,名人格言,诗词,名句名篇等
  • 教材自成体系,每年进行修订,一些改动幅度较大的年级,甚至于重新编写。因此学生们拿到的教材都是最切合教育部课程纲要的材料


  • 制作精美的教具供教师使用,提高学生们的学习兴趣
  • 请专人绘制的学前教材插图、各年级看图说话、看图作文,以及教材中的插图、图片,都令学生赏心悦目之余,更专注于教材内容


  • 用了三年的时间提升老师们的电脑应用技巧,加强我们的教材编写阵容
  • 采用全电脑化的教材编写与排版,使我们的教材能够更灵活地针对教育部(MOE)的需求进行修订
  • 在多媒体教具方面,我们提供了配合相对教材的音乐、听力录音(Listening Comprehension recording)、文化视频、新闻视频等多媒体内容,加深学生们的印象,帮助他们更全面吸收教学内容。

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