Compo and Compre Course

Essay Writing and Comprehension Techniques (P2-P6, S1-S2)

Enhancing writing and comprehension skills, revising various popular examination topics and following school essay writing curriculum to solve problems and obtain higher marks with confidence.

  • Following the latest exam format, this course exposes students to a wide array of comprehension practices.
  • Based on the foundation of the Enrichment Course, this course strengthens students’ essay writing capabilities.
  • Recommended for students with average or higher grades in the Chinese language.
  • Students who are enrolled in the Enrichment Course will enjoy a special discount.


写作与文章理解技巧 (小二到小六, 中一到中二)


  • 根据最新的考试格式编制教材。通过高效度的理解练习提升学生的理解作答能力。
  • 通过有效的写作方法训练,加强学生写作能力。
  • 适合华文成绩中上的学生参加。
  • 同时报读深广课程的学生可获得特别折扣。