Chinese Tuition Programme

School Textbook Enhancement & Examination Techniques (P1-P6)

Chinese Tuition Programme of Han Language Centre are for students who require a slower pace of learning so as to improve their foundation gradually. The Chinese tuition programme following closely to the school textbook curriculum, this tuition programme aims to solve immediate problems encountered in learning the Chinese language and hence build up the students’ confidence in preparing for their examinations.

  • Chinese tuition programme following the school textbook curriculum, this course helps students in solving immediate difficulties encountered during school lessons.
  • Chinese tuition programme overall help in handling school tests and examinations.
  • Our Chinese tuition programme are recommended for students who are weak in the Chinese Language.
  • Chinese tuition programme is conducted with no more than 10 students per class for better focus.




  • 根据学校课编写教材。课程可协助孩子跟上学校进度。
  • 全面帮助学生面对学校测验与考试。
  • 适合面对华文学习困境的孩子。
  • 采用小班制,每班不超过十人。